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Build Your EHR Timeline

Want an EHR, but don’t know how to get started? Download this widely-used EHR Implementation Timeline and begin mapping out your next steps.

(To download this example—in Microsoft Excel format—click here.)

Assigned to
Date Completed
Need Help With
Next Steps

Nine to 12 months before Go-Live

  • Leadership on board
  • Review proposals
  • Select the vendor — place deposit
  • Determine go-live dates
  • Schedule vendors, trainers, implementation consultant
  • Getting a new PM system? Do it now

Six to Nine Months before Go-Live

  • Develop EHR leadership team
  • Map workflow for automated processes, e.g. check in, encounter documentation, lab results, etc.
  • Database review and site assessment
  • Begin ROI process, begin with leaders
  • Gather paper forms, mail to EHR vendor
  • Identify top 10-20 chief complaints and most frequently used assessment/plans from billing (encounter) form
  • Identify hardware needs

Three to Six Months before Go-Live

  • Install hardware
  • Build referral communities (clinical, surgical, psychosocial, nutrition, family counseling)
  • Customize, customize, customize
  • Evaluate readiness of physicians and mid-level staff
  • Schedule staff training
  • Make decisions about scanning documents, approximately 5% of documents are used to assist in the continuity of care
  • Verify installation timeline with vendor
  • Inform patients about the new system and explain the benefits of moving to an EHR

One to Three Months before Go-Live

  • Build interfaces, e.g. Lab, e-Prescribe/e-Fax, Imaging, Radiation, Hospital
  • Test go-live: begin building patient records
  • Test PM with go-live
  • Adjust patient schedules
  • Adjust office manager schedule
  • Communicate all processes to staff

Go-Live to +30 days

  • Customize templates, short lists as needed
  • Reduce patient load
  • Laugh
  • Celebrate
  • Reward
  • Assess, recheck

+30 to +120 Days

  • Compare templates with other providers within the system
  • Build a common internal dictionary of your own terms
  • Share protocols among clinicians
  • Join a user group with the same sub-specialty and ask for help when you need it
  • Call the vendor if you have any problem. There is no way they can help if you don’t let them know the nature of the problem. Vendors want to keep you happy.